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Trump's Ex Lawyer Makes Shock Comments on Trump's Reelection Ambition

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Former US President Donald Trump
Donald Trump | Shutterstock

Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, has made striking assertions, declaring his intention to depart the country if the ex-president secures re-election in the upcoming US general election in 2024.


Cohen has highlighted grave concerns regarding the potential re-election, citing its possible adverse effects on the nation's democracy.


Cohen appeared on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' emphasizing the gravity of the situation: "This could be a real problem, not only again for us, but also for America's democracy and the future of this country… I will leave the country.”


Expressing fears for his safety and life, Cohen accused Trump of seeking vengeance against those who opposed him.


He voiced apprehensions: “I fear for my safety. I fear for my life. Again, you don't know Donald Trump. I do. Don't listen to my words. Listen to his words. He will exact revenge on anyone who has done him wrong."

Transitioning to Trump's Legal and Political Situation

Meanwhile, Trump faces legal challenges, including allegations of inflating his wealth on financial statements to secure loans, which he vehemently denies.


Despite Cohen's desire for Trump to be held accountable, he expressed reservations about the potential consequences of imprisoning Trump, considering the potential risks to national security.


Michael Cohen in an interview
Michael Cohen in an interview with CNN | CNN/YT


Cohen elaborated on his concerns: “I want him held accountable, but I have great concerns that if in fact Donald Trump is locked up in an institution, that he would sell or give away national security secrets for a bag of tuna or a book of stamps."


Trump’s Legal Challenges and Cohen’s Testimony

Cohen’s recent testimony in Trump's $250 million New York bank fraud trial shed light on Trump's alleged financial manipulations. He detailed instances where Trump inflated his net worth to secure favorable deals, emphasizing Trump's purported willingness to fabricate information.


Despite Cohen’s firm stance on Trump's accountability, he expressed reservations about imprisoning Trump due to concerns about the former president's access to sensitive national security information.

Concerns for America's Safety over Trump's Prosecution

Cohen suggests stringent home confinement instead of institutionalization for Trump due to his prior access to sensitive national security information during his tenure to safeguard America's security.


He prioritized national welfare over Trump's incarceration: “My bigger concern is the protection and safety of America. So let them put him under a very serious home confinement situation. But to put him into an institution... I care more about America than I do seeing Donald Trump behind bars.”


In light of Cohen's assertions and the impending 2024 general election, the remarks cast a shadow on the potential impact of Trump's return to power, further fueling discussions about the country's future course under his leadership.

Future Legal Battles and Trump's Potential Consequences

Trump faces multiple legal battles, including cases related to the Georgia election interference, the January 6 insurrection, handling classified documents, and hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels. However, some cases, like the New York bank fraud trial, do not carry the risk of immediate imprisonment.


Cohen’s revelations and apprehensions about Trump's potential reelection have fueled the discourse surrounding Trump's accountability and the implications for America’s future.


As the specter of the 2024 US general election looms, Cohen's outspokenness raises critical questions about the potential ramifications of another Trump presidency on both national and global levels.