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Ukraine Regains Control of Lyman as Russia Retreats; Moscow Reacts

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

An embarrassing setback for Russia as Ukraine's president confirms his troops have taken back a key eastern city. 

President Zelensky, in a short video clip on Telegram, said that Ukraine has "fully cleared" Vladimir Putin's troops from the eastern city of Lyman. 

Lyman is one of the major transportation hubs in Ukraine and was part of the regions Russia annexed on Friday. 

Before liberating the city, Ukraine's president had said that the Ukrainian army would continue to push its offensive in the east and south. He also mentioned that Ukraine is committed to taking all cities from Russia, including Crimea. 

Ukraine had initially lost Lyman to Vladimir Putin's troops four months ago after Russian servicemen seized the city. 

On Friday, Vladimir Putin made a declaration that was met with outrage and rejection. He had announced in Moscow that Russia had annexed some major Ukrainian territories, including Lyman. 

After seizing the city, Zelensky has said that Ukraine's armed forces will continue to seize other annexed cities. He also predicted how there would be "mismatches" between what Russia expects and reality. 

Reports from different sources suggest that the Ukrainian forces might be moving toward the cities of Kreminna and Svatove. 

Ukrainian soldiers were in a very celebratory mood as they burned down the Russian tricolor and posted a video on social media. 

Russian Casualties in Lyman 

The number of casualties Russia suffered in their humiliating defeat at Lyman has not been determined. 

Video footage after the Ukraine win showed dead soldiers along a forest road, burned-out vehicles, and personal belongings. It is also reported that Ukraine managed to retrieve at least one T-72 tank from the Russians as they fled Lyman. 

The United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence has suggested that Vladimir Putin's troops "probably suffered heavy casualties" as they left Lyman. 

Governor of the Luhansk region of Ukraine, Serhiy Haidai, said that Ukraine would continue its counter-offensive in the Donbas region. 

"In the near future, we are eating for the start of a large-scale process of de-occupation in Luhansk oblast," he said. 

Ukraine has also recorded several recent victories as they claim to have liberated a village south of the country. A video shows a Ukrainian soldier posing with a local resident after seizing the village of Zolotaya Balka. 

Russia has claimed that its armed forces have recently recorded some victory in Ukraine. Russian Defense Ministry said they had destroyed about seven missile and artillery depots in Ukraine.

More News About the Annexation 

As Ukraine pleads to join NATO, Putin has illegally annexed four occupied regions in the country.

In Moscow, the president of Russia held a grand ceremony to announce the annexation of four important Ukraine territories

At Kremlin, Vladimir Putin announced that those four Ukrainian territories would be joining Russia forever. However, Ukraine has also promised to take back those annexed territories from Russia. 

As usual, Vladimir Putin also said in his speech that Russia wouldn't hesitate to use any weapon, including nuclear weapons. 

Putin's announcement was criticized and rejected as the west terms the latest move by the Russian president illegal.