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Unisex Names for Kids: New Parents Quickly Adopting New Trend

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
A father and a mother looks happily at their newborn baby
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In the enchanting world of baby names, a mesmerizing trend is weaving its way into the hearts of new parents in 2023 - the allure of unisex names.


Much like the ever-changing tides of fashion, baby names also ebb and flow with cultural shifts. This year, the spotlight is firmly on names that transcend gender boundaries, casting a spell of uniqueness and versatility.


Celebrities, known for setting trends, have wholeheartedly embraced this movement. From Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to the illustrious Kardashian clan, they've all chosen names that refuse to be tethered to gender norms.


But this trend isn't limited to the Hollywood elite; it has permeated the mainstream. Recent research reveals a remarkable 56 percent surge in registered unisex names in England and Wales, a clear sign that new parents are championing names that are both non-gendered and utterly extraordinary.


Among the stars of the unisex name phenomenon is Marlowe, a name that ascended an astonishing 266 spots from 2020 to 2021. Notably, Marlowe is not confined to the girls' list; it boldly ventures into the boys' top 1,000, marking a groundbreaking milestone. Noa is another name that gracefully straddles both lists, underlining its universal appeal.


An adorable little baby smiling
Unisex baby names are becoming a trend | Daniel Thomas/Unsplash


Scotland, too, dances to the unisex name rhythm, with Kai, Avery, Rowan, and Sage gaining prominence, as reported by the National Records of Scotland (NRS). This is not merely a regional trend; it's part of a global wave that seeks to redefine naming conventions and foster inclusivity.


A constellation of other unisex names has emerged, shimmering with uniqueness. Oakley, climbing an impressive 249 spots, shares the stage with Blair and Ronnie, both newcomers to the Top 1,000 list, according to The Mirror.


Meanwhile, on the boys' side, Ren and Ocean make their debut, and Sunny ascends a remarkable 195 places.


Sophie Kihm, a name expert at Nameberry, explains the allure of gender-neutral names, emphasizing their role in providing children with flexibility in gender identity. These names not only accommodate evolving identities but also exude a contemporary flair that resonates with modern parents.


However, unisex names are just one star in this celestial show of baby-naming trends for 2023. Disney-themed names are poised to take center stage, inspired by celebrities such as Molly-Mae Hague and Stacey Dooley, who christened their little ones Bambi and Minnie, respectively. This trend showcases the enduring influence of pop culture on the art of naming.


In an unexpected twist, wild west-inspired names are galloping into the baby-naming arena. Names like Billy, Butch, Wyatt, Pearl, Daisy, and Clementine evoke the rugged charm of the American frontier, igniting parents' imaginations.


Outer space names are also rocketing to popularity, with Apollo, Cosmo, Ariel, and Luna casting their cosmic spells. These names evoke the wonder of the universe, tapping into our insatiable fascination with the cosmos.


In conclusion, the trend of embracing unisex names for newborns transcends boundaries, inviting parents to explore a realm of limitless possibilities.


2023 promises to be an enchanting year for baby names, with unisex options leading the way towards a future where every child's identity is celebrated, free from the constraints of tradition. It's a magical journey where creativity knows no bounds, and every name tells a story of individuality and inclusivity.