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Unleash Your Brand's Potential With Push Notifications

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By Newsvot News - - 5 Mins Read

Why Brands Should Add Push To Their Marketing Portfolio

Getting your brand noticed out of hundreds of eager competitors is a significant task and a challenge. Your best chance of being noticed is by crafting a unique marketing campaign that compels your target customers to pay attention. 

Gone are the days when companies spent thousands of dollars on television commercials or newspaper advertisements. These traditional means to reach your target audience have been the height of advertising strategies but as the digital age arrived, online marketing took off and continues to grow.

Growing your brand in this modern society requires the most innovative resources and strategies. It's a smart move to choose the option within your budget that delivers a great result. One of the best tools you can use to your advantage is push notifications

Why are push notifications useful?

  • Better outreach

Push notifications can reach your valuable users at any time and from any location.

There is no doubt that most of us spend the majority of our days on our devices, whether it's mobile phones, laptops, or iPad for various reasons, from education to entertainment. Sending your audiences tempting offers or brand awareness messages directly to their screen is a great marketing strategy. 

  • Complements conventional promotions

Push notifications are an excellent way to promote your business in addition to television commercials and online ads such as sponsored content. Maximize it by retargeting users by IP (information marketers collect on their marketing campaigns) It can also serve as a “follow-up” to advertisements your customers encounter on their way home or to their offices. 

  • Higher engagement

Brands and agencies can use push notifications to interact with and retarget users that have visited their site/ brand. The right push ads can deliver high user engagement, hence, giving advertisers a strong motive to consider the ad format. Sending relevant information, reminders, and regular updates are some of the practices brands successfully engage with subscribers.

  • Greater Performance

Push notification advertising has a greater conversion rate than other contextual formats, such as emails and SMS. For example, e-commerce advertisers can reach abandoned cart users and convert them back to buyers by sending the user notification regarding what they left in their cart and directing the user straight to the checkout page.

  • Real-time delivery

Push notifications are ideal for time-sensitive information because it arrives on consumers' devices in real-time rather than after it's outdated. Timing is everything and that also applies to your brand’s promotion.

  • Greater visibility

Updates are delivered right to your customers' screens. It is hardly possible to miss push notifications. Users can read what the notification is all about in seconds and respond accordingly.

  • Affordable communication channel

With push notifications, you can promote your brand at a more favorable price. Engage with your customers regularly without breaking the bank.

It’s recommended that you reserve some percentage of your marketing budget for push notifications. For example, push notifications can substitute for costly SMS and emails as they have superior design and engagement.

Push notifications can play a vital role in your broader growth strategy by driving new users to your business. For various brands, push notifications are a way to speak directly to a user. They don't get caught in spam filters or forgotten in an inbox.

Here are some of the brands that are using push notifications:

1. Amazon 

The retailer sends daily deals promoting different products that target distinct customer segments based on purchase and browsing history.  Personalized product suggestions have been proven to increase sales by up to 30%.


IKEA wanted its push messages to feel like a one-on-one conversation between the company and the recipient by targeting every individual user’s unique requirements. The strategy was a huge success. IKEA saw more than 5.5% of customers leverage the discounts and other offers sent to them.

3. William Hill 

William Hill is one of the biggest and most established sports betting outlets in the world. Push notifications are key to the company’s strategy to make the betting experience more immediate. William Hill leverages segmentation and location targeting which resulted in 400% greater engagement. 

4. GasBuddy

Millions of drivers use GasBuddy to find gas stations based on real-time fuel prices, amenities, ratings, and more. On days GasBuddy sends notifications, the company sees a big boost in program enrollments and transactions within its GasBack affiliate marketplace. 

Pro best practices when setting your push notification campaign

While push notifications work wonders in terms of triggering instant engagement, finding the right balance is the key to gaining engagement and profit.

Push Notifications: Do’s

  1. Personalize your message 

What makes push notifications unique is their personal touch. Our customers want personalized, relevant push messages.

  1.  Less is more & meaningful 

Aim for quality and not quantity with push notifications Customers are likely to receive notifications from all sorts of brands. Make sure that you send personalized content-rich updates, to get users to tap on it and not swipe off their screen.

  1. Create notifications that stand out. 

Maybe it’s a discount, access to new features, or exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else. Give your customers valuable information so they won't regret clicking your message. 

  1. Be mindful of the timing

Timing is everything, and that’s true when it comes to push notifications. Getting to know your customers through analytics yields the best results.

  1. Opt for location-based notifications 

These messages aren't confined to online shopping: companies with physical storefronts can stimulate real store visits by sending out an incentive-laden push notice to nearby users.

Push Notifications: Dont’s

  1. Avoid the notification blasts

Customers can easily sniff out generic, blasted messages that are part of an obvious re-engagement campaign. Getting a meaningless push message is an annoying distraction, and getting too many of them can lead the user to stop buying from you altogether.

  1. Don’t send lengthy messages

Remember, the primary purpose of a push notification is to encourage your app users to open and engage with it more often.  Therefore, long and repetitive messages can turn off your customers.

  1. Don’t Send Notifications at Inconvenient Times

The last thing you want to hear at 2 a.m. is your phone vibrating with a push notification from an eCommerce app. Push notifications sent at inopportune times abound.

Data metrics should be able to map out what your user’s weekday and weekend schedules are, so you can avoid timing notifications to go out when they have other priorities.


If you are looking for ways to promote your brand in a creative way, you should try push notifications. Developed by combining contextual targeting and mass audience reach, it is a marketable innovation that you shouldn’t miss.

Push notification is one of the most budget-friendly marketing methods that result in a higher return on investment. It is also a fresh marketing strategy that is the next generation of SMS and emails which quickly became popular among brands and agencies.

Join the list of brands and agencies that use push notifications today and promote your products and services anywhere, anytime. 

This article is brought to you by Pushub