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Vietnam Drops COVID-19 Protocols for International Arrivals

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By Newsvot News - - 5 Mins Read

Hanoi has a wide range of destinations to offer visitors of all tastes and interests, from a fascinating mix of French, Chinese, and Vietnamese architecture and engaging culture to old Buddhist temples and an exquisite Old Quarter. 

A visit to the colorful museums and military memorials in Vietnam's cultural capital allows travelers to learn about the country's rich cultural past. Travelers may also sample the city's delectable cuisine, visit the bustling local markets, and watch a traditional water puppetry performance — there's much to see and do, depending on when they arrive. Here's when you should go to Vietnam's cultural capital.

Hanoi Festivals And Events

Society has changed and celebrating Tet also needs to change.

The Spring Festival (Tet Nguyen Dan)

The city's major festival, Tet Nguyen Dan, is a celebration that falls on the same day as the Chinese New Year. 

The good news is that the celebration can always be rescheduled between January and February, and it marks the start of the Chinese New Year. Families gather in public locations throughout the city to celebrate and enjoy the season during this celebration, which can last several days.

The Mid-Autumn Festival (Tet Trung Thu)

The Mid-Autumn Celebration, also known as the Children's Festival, is Hanoi's second-largest festival, taking place between September and October. The Mid-Autumn Festival season is a great time to join Hanoians in Old Quarter celebrations, and it's also when the Luong Van Can and Hang Ma streets are at their busiest. These lovely streets are lit up by lanterns, and there are toys for sale all everywhere.

Vietnam's current COVID-19 status

Face masks are required in public spaces, enclosed environments, and on public transportation. 

Since March 15, 2022, the number of new cases in the country has been steadily decreasing. The frequency of severe case transfers and deaths related to COVID-19 has also dropped, and COVID-19 vaccine coverage is excellent overall. 

With this information in hand, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health has concluded that it is time to relax restrictions and reopen Vietnam's borders, a country whose gross domestic product is primarily reliant on tourism.

Long periods of drastic adoption of strategies for flexible control of the COVID-19 outbreak have occurred in Vietnam. After two years of battling COVID-19, the country is keen to revive its aviation industry and tourism-based economy. 

Since the outbreak, Vietnam Airlines, based in Hanoi, has lost about one billion dollars. Recovery is clearly in sight. The main airline has resumed service to most of its pre-pandemic locations and has resumed employment.

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam this summer?

The World Health Organization has updated its global COVID-19 prognosis. The WHO data continues to support the epidemic assumption that COVID-19 is fading into obscurity. The data reveals that on a global basis, both the number of cases and deaths are decreasing.

Vaccines appear to be one of the most effective protections against future SARS-CoV-2 virus types, according to studies. 
All Vietnam destinations are open. The requirement for COVID-19 testing and isolation is no longer required, which is felt most strongly by business and leisure visitors.