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Washington Apple Store Robbed of $500k Worth of iPhones as Thieves Play a Clever Trick.

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

The latest iPhone news is that an Apple store located at the Alderwood Mall has been robbed by thieves who pulled an impressive trick to get away with the robbery. The process which the robbers used to get inside the Apple store was very complex, but it succeeded in giving them complete access to the room full of iPhones. The robbers first invaded the apartment before the Apple store and used the bathroom as an entrance path to steal the iPhones. 

The other apartment the robbers used was Seattle Coffee Gear, and they made their way to the Apple store using their bathroom. The wall between the iPhone room and the Seattle Coffee Gear bathroom was cut open, allowing the robbers to carry out the terrible act. By entering through the bathroom wall, the burglars could pass through the security system without alerting anyone. Making their way to the iPhone store, they stole a total of 436 iPhones that were worth around $500,000.

Speaking about the incident, Seattle Coffee Gear manager Eric Marks said that the wall between the washroom and the Apple store wasn't necessarily noticeable. He noted that those behind the act must have studied the architecture of the building to make a correct guess. With the way the Seattle Coffee Gear and the Apple store are laid out, it is not noticeable that a wall would lead to one of the rooms between the two establishments. "I would have never suspected we were adjacent to the ‌ Apple Store ‌, how it wraps around I mean. So, someone had to think it out and have access to the mall layout," Eric Marks said. 

The company's CEO, Mike Atkinson, also explained what happened. The suspects in the case are two men." Good morning Twitter fans! Yesterday was a weird day...

Two men broke into one of our retail locations. Why? To cut a hole in our bathroom wall to access the Apple Store next door and steal $500k worth of iPhones," Mike Atkinson narrated to his audience. 12 Tips and Tricks to Capture Breathtaking Pictures with Your New iPhone.

What are the Police Doing About the Robbery 

Photo via Pexels

According to the CEO of Seattle Coffee Gear, the police have already started investigations into the theft, and they are hoping to find the culprits as soon as possible. It is also on record that the police have obtained footage of the robbery. It is expected that the piece of evidence would be used in tracking down the robbers. However, the robbery footage has not been released to the public. The police say it is still an active investigation, and the footage will be available to the public once the culprits are caught. 

It seems like the Apple Store was the primary target of the robbers, as nothing was stolen at Seattle Coffee Gear. However, the door lock and the wall were broken. It is estimated that the cost of fixing all of them would pile up to $1,500. No employee was around when the incident happened, both at Seattle Coffee Gear and the Apple store. Apple has not yet commented on the issue, but an Alderwood Mall spokesperson said they are working actively with the police to ensure the culprits were caught.