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Weird and Funny Dates in September 2023 You Just Can't Miss

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
September calendar on a window
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Did you know there are thousands of existing holidays & special events, with newly created ones being added yearly? Yes! The popular, funny, random, and weird special days in the year that tell amazing stories. Just like June, which had some pretty amazing dates, September dates look way more fun!


If you run a business that functions with a monthly calendar, staying up to date with each might seem a chore, and here's why we compiled a list of special days and events to note this September as we anticipate the Summer vacations.


List Of Special Events & Holidays In September 

National Cherry Popover Day

The National Cherry Popover Day is a special event that commemorates the popular tasty treat known as cherry popovers.


If you can bake, September 1st is an ideal time to relive your experience of the delicious muffins!


World Beard Day

If you've got a well-groomed beard on your face, you should enjoy this special holiday dedicated to people with beards. 


Another fun fact about the September 2nd event is that people with beards are not permitted to shave on this day. So if you are planning to visit the barbers', you had better do it before then!


Labor Day

Labor Day is dedicated to celebrating every worker in America. It doesn't matter how important or trivial your job seems, Labor Day is a beautiful reminder that there is integrity in labor and every worker deserves to be treated with utmost respect and admiration.


This event is celebrated every 4th of September.

Read A Book Day

Readers are leaders, but even if you haven't been a book lover, every September 6th holiday presents a chance to grab a book and educate your mind.


It's the perfect opportunity to schedule book reading dates with friends or take a break from your busy life with a great book.


Teddy Bear Day

Everyone deserves a cuddle bunny, and our teddy bears have been a trusting companion on our lonely days. 


If you own a teddy bear, it's time to appreciate and show them off on Teddy Bear Day, celebrated every 9th of September.


Sewing Machine Day

Try making something for yourself on this day if you have a sewing machine. It encourages someone who doesn't own the machine to pick up the skill and attempt sewing.


This September 10th, relish the experience of being a proud owner as you show off your skills with it.


Ask A Stupid Question Day

This September 28 event is a perfect time to air your thoughts or opinions, no matter how weird or ridiculous they sound, without being bullied for them. 


And even if someone laughs at it, you would have a reasonable excuse for asking, so it's worth the trial!


While this article provides a detailed description of the special holidays available in September, it is expedient to decide which is most relevant to your business calendar for the month while planning.


We recommend exploring the random & quirky ones with your online audience, but ensure you do a good job of introducing the unique stories behind them.


Welcome to September!