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What Would Happen if China Goes to War as Xi Jinping Spews Fresh Threats

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By Judy Perkins - - 5 Mins Read

The latest China war news puts world peace in jeopardy. Chinese leader Xi Jinping says he is preparing for war, and the American government and its allies should take him seriously, or the world will regret it. During the annual meeting of China’s parliament, Xi Jinping specifically mentioned how he was preparing his country for war. It is already well known of the tensions involving the United States, Russia, and China. 

Reports show that some of the policymaking in Beijing has changed over the past few months. They have made changes in their budget to accommodate their war preparations. They increased the funds allocated for military preparations by about 7.2% of their budget. Their current military defence budget is about twice what it was in the last decade. Apart from their military preparations, Xi Jinping's war plans are to limit China's dependency on other countries for grains and other food items. 

As part of their military preparations, Beijing has been making new war laws in the country and have been rallying more Chinese citizens into the military. It has also been noticed that the Chinese government has been building air raid shelters across the country. Although one can not pinpoint the meaning or the reason for all these preparations, it is clear that Xi Jinping's war plans are taking shape. The Chinese leader is not a man that could be easily ignored while making such moves. 

China's War Signals 

The first signal that showed that China might be preparing for war against its enemies was when the top theoretical journal of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) published an essay. The essay was titled "Under the Guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Strengthening the Army, We Will Advance Victoriously."

The content of this essay shows there might be many things going on behind the scenes which the world is not even aware of. Part of the essay read, "In the face of wars that may be imposed on us, we must speak to enemies in a language they understand and use victory to win peace and respect. In the new era, the People’s Army insists on using force to stop fighting. . . . Our army is famous for being good at fighting and having a strong fighting spirit. With millet and rifles, it defeated the Kuomintang army equipped with American equipment. It defeated the world’s number one enemy armed to the teeth on the Korean battlefield, and performed mighty and majestic battle dramas that shocked the world and caused ghosts and gods to weep." 

Xi Jinping Blames the US for China's Problems

China's president Xi Jinping

Early in March, Xi Jinping gave a speech where he named the United States the leading cause of problems in China. For a while, they have been numerous reasons for disagreements between the US and China, like in the case of the spy balloon. Xi Jinping is not known for calling out the US while making speeches, but things are changing quickly. 

While speaking at the meeting, Xi Jinping said, "Western countries headed by the United States have implemented containment from all directions, encirclement, and suppression against us, which has brought unprecedented severe challenges to our country’s development." 

He also adds that the Chinese people should prepare for what could be coming in the future."The risks and challenges we face will only increase and become more severe in the coming period. Only when all the people think in one place, work hard in one place, help each other in the same boat, unite as one, dare to fight, and be good at fighting, can they continue to win new and greater victories.” To help the CCP achieve these “greater victories," Xi Jinping said.