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WhatsApp's Newest Update Improves Interfaces Colors, Includes Even Darker Mode

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
WhatsApp logo 3D illustration
WhatsApp | Dima Solomin/Unsplash

WhatsApp, the world's leading messaging app with over two billion users, is gearing up for a significant change, promising to improve the user experience.

The Meta-owned platform is set to reveal its most extensive update in years, aimed at refining its service and delighting its user base.

In the upcoming update, WhatsApp users should anticipate a revamped interface, exuding a fresher and more streamlined appeal.

Among the notable changes is the WhatsApp interface change, which accommodates a sleeker design, ensuring a more accessible and enjoyable messaging experience for all. "

Notably, WhatsApp’s ‘dark mode’ is apparently getting an even darker overhaul," the app revealed.

One of the most awaited features of the update is the introduction of an even darker version of the beloved WhatsApp dark mode color code.


Screenshgot of interface updates expected on WhatsApp
New interface changes coming to Whatsapp | WhatsApp


Responding to user feedback, WhatsApp has intensified the darkness, prioritizing higher contrast and deeper tones to alleviate eye strain, particularly in low-light settings.

"We heard that people wanted a darker dark mode," WhatsApp stated. "We focused on higher contrast and deeper tones to reduce eye strain in low-light environments."

Changes to WhatsApp's Green Color

WhatsApp's iconic green color scheme has undergone an enormous transformation, carrying a brighter and more vibrant hue.

Meta, the parent company, revealed that extensive deliberation involving over 35 color iterations preceded the selection of this refreshing new shade.

WhatsApp's parent company, Meta, said, "Say goodbye to the traditional green WhatsApp is known for as the company is welcoming something a brighter green."

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Better Communication Features

In addition to its visual makeover, WhatsApp's update will bring many functional improvements geared towards simplifying communication and enriching user interactions.

Improved Navigation and Sharing

The updated layout includes more straightforward navigation. Android users will benefit from a relocated menu bar at the bottom of the screen, mirroring the experience iPhone users enjoy.

This adjustment facilitates quicker access to contacts and features, enhancing usability. WhatsApp announced that "Android users will have a modernized navigation bar to help them find contacts faster."

Furthermore, users can expect improved attachment capabilities, facilitating easy sharing of media, polls, documents, and more.

"The new design should enhance simplicity, be scalable, and be future-proof," reports the Mirror.

Enhanced Multimedia Sharing

The new update introduces a host of multimedia enhancements, including the ability to share screens and audio clips during video calls.

The messaging app has also revamped its icons and illustrations, injecting a fresh vibrancy into every interaction. 

Additionally, users can expect an expanded default background, fostering an exciting conversation experience.

WhatsApp's developers shared, "Both icons and illustrations have been given a refresh."

The original default background has also been redesigned to be more related to "everyday conversations."

Anticipating the Future

As WhatsApp prepares to roll out its update, users are excited to see these significant changes. Although there's no official release date yet, the anticipation shows how much people love the app and how committed WhatsApp is to improving communication.

Stay tuned for further updates as WhatsApp continues to improve how we connect, one update at a time.