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Woman Gets Fired After This Technology Shows She’s Not Actually Working

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
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An employee named Suzie Cheikho, who was working for a company called Insurance Australia Group (IAG), was sacked after her employers used AI technology to monitor if she was actually working. Apparently, Australia's Fair Work Commission (FWC), who presided over the case, said she was guilty of what she was being accused of. 

Working from home can be highly beneficial for employees. Many companies are now adopting practices like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to enhance productivity. This policy allows workers to use devices they are familiar with and take short breaks while working. However, it is important to remember that these benefits should not be taken for granted and that employees must still complete their tasks and meet their goals.


This is precisely what Suzie Cheikho was doing while she was still working at Insurance Australia Group (IAG). Apparently, the company she was working for saw her performance constantly drop and has dropped a series of warnings concerning her output on her job.

Suzie Cheikho selfie image
Suzie Cheikho (Tiktok)

The company issued warnings to Suzie Cheikho regarding her work-from-home performance and productivity. As a result, they implemented keystroke logging technology to monitor her work output. The results were surprising, as they revealed that Suzie was not completing any substantial work while still being employed by the company. 


Abysmal Work Output From Employee

Suzie Cheikho's work output was unsatisfactory. She frequently missed deadlines, skipped meetings, and even caused her employers to pay hefty fines due to an incomplete task. They were also reports that she spent more time on Tiktok during working hours.


She was responsible for producing necessary insurance documents for the company while ensuring adherence to regulatory deadlines. Ironically, she was also tasked with monitoring compliance with work-from-home policies, which required her to keep an eye on rule-breaking behavior.


The law court documents showed that her work activity was monitored for 49 days between October and December 2022. And the results coming out of it were more than poor. Within the 49 days that were recorded, she stayed late for 47 days and finished early for 29 days. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. She didn't do any work at one point in four days. She pressed her keyboard around 54 times an hour the whole time she was monitored. 


After being terminated, the employee decided to take her case to court. However, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) in Australia ruled in favor of the Insurance Australia Group (IAG), stating that the employee's termination was justified. Additionally, there was a lack of evidence to support her claims. 

Her Reaction 

It is apparent that she is portraying herself as the victim on social media, alleging that she has been subjected to harassment as a result of the incident. She has created numerous videos on TikTok, offering viewers a glimpse into her life following the occurrence.


Suzie has received several comments from her TikTok followers, urging her to stay true to herself and remain confident. Some have even suggested that she deserves a higher-paying job.


While speaking to Daily Mail about the incident, she said she is afraid of nobody hiring her after the incident.


"It's embarrassing that this story has gone viral - nobody is going to hire me, " she added.