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Woman Stirs Internet After Refusing to Yield First-Class Seat to Child

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Woman resting on a first class plane seat
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A woman on a flight named Sabra has been trending online for refusing all pleas to give up her first-class seat for a child. 


The Host and crew members on the flight pleaded with the Seattle pharmacist to move another seat so that a child on a flight with its parent could sit near the family on the 13-hour flight to Paris. But the woman was adamant, and she never accepted the pleas. 

In the viral and funny video clip shared on TikTok, the woman captioned: POV: "Flight agent asks me to let go of my 1A seat just so a child can sit with the family".


The video shows Sabra sitting elegantly on her first-class seat while indecent words like "f*** you kid and f***k you too" play faintly in the video background.

Sabra has been commended for standing her ground and refusing to switch seats with the child. Although the airline never offers her anything in exchange for seats with the child, she still doesn't agree that asking for something as such is okay.


She told her followers with a laughing emoji on the caption: "That's an assuring NO from me dear," then proceeded to ask, "Would you have offered up your seat if it were you?"


The video ranked up to one point five million views and has triggered several opinions from many viewers. Surprisingly, many parents reasoned with her. One of the commentators, who was also a parent, wrote:  "Parents who want their kid to sit next to them, it is their responsibility to make proper plans  accordingly before time."

Sabra Tiktok video screenshot, sitting on a first-class plane seat
Sabra stood her ground and enjoyed sitting in her actual seat (TikTok)

Another follower added in the comment section: "That's good for you! They should have reserved another seat nearby if they wanted their child to sit close to them".


However, another user strongly believes they deliberately did it for a free upgrade. Commenting: "Just so you know, they originally reserved two business seats and one economy thinking that they'll intimidate a person into giving up their seat for the child."


However, another source confirmed that the incident seemed to be an issue caused by the airline and not because of the parent's poor planning."


She later shared her experience of being often upgraded to first class on domestic flights courtesy of her Delta status. However, that was her first time flying first class internationally, and she added, "That's where you get the 'original' business class experience."


This was one of the many reasons she was particularly adamant about changing seats on the flight.


"I had purchased the ticket and picked the seat in advance," Sabra explained.


Sabra's encounter on this plane vaguely brings to mind the hilarious experience of another passenger who endured the most dramatic seat swaps ever. The encounter was so epic that the aggrieved flight passenger warned everyone he knew to avoid swapping seats on a plane.