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Zoom's Next Big Plan Is Having Your AI Clone Replace You

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Employee meeting on Zoom
Employee video-sharing meeting | Shutterstock

Virtual meetings have made it possible for groups to interact with their audiences or teams all over the world, even from remote locations.


However, challenges such as scheduling conflicts or personal commitments sometimes prevent certain users from actively participating in these meetings.


In a bold move to tackle these demanding challenges and reshape the future of online meetings, Zoom's CEO, Eric Yuan, has announced his plans to launch a Zoom AI assistant.


This will allow users to maintain their virtual presence through an AI clone, transforming how they participate in remote communication when they cannot actively join their virtual meetings.


Eric Yuan has clearly expressed their aim towards Zoom's next feature and how it makes life easier.


“What we are doing now is looking at your entire schedule, how to leverage Zoom Workplace to help you out,” Yuan told The Verge.


“Essentially, you can leave Zoom Workplace, and Zoom Workplace can help you get most of your work done, right? That’s our pitch.”


Yuan said, "I can send a digital version of myself to join so I can go to the beach,” adding that your avatar can easily take phone calls and respond to emails.


Today, our busy schedule keeps adding up; we spend so much time making phone calls, managing meetings, sending emails, trashing spam emails, or responding to text messages.


The Zoom CEO, Yuan, has revealed that how we leverage AI to manage Zoom meetings, to automate our work for more work efficiency fully is of utmost concern to him. 

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The Possibility of Spending Just Three Days at Work With Zoom AI Assistant Handling 90% of Your Meetings

Research shows that your brain activity slows down when you attend a Zoom meeting.


No doubt, the stress of a back-back video call drains the life out of you. However, this Zoom next feature seems like a way out of fixing this problem.


Zoom CEO Eric Yuan profile shot
Zoom CEO Eric Yuan | YT


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Considering the advent of this AI assistant, Yuan foresees a potential scenario where employees may only need to participate in 10% of today's meetings.


This could allow them to enjoy a more fulfilling social life, as they would have more time to engage in enjoyable activities. However, the feasibility of this prospect seems unlikely due to the traditional Monday-to-Friday work schedule.


“Let’s assume, fast-forward five or six years, that AI is ready. AI probably can help for maybe 90% of the work,” the engineer-turned-exec said. 


You can also choose not to spend your entire day in meetings. It's not necessary to participate in five or six Zoom calls daily.


By using the Zoom AI assistant, you can delegate this task, allowing you to only work three to four days per week.


According to Yuan, with these upcoming features, users will have more time to spend with loved ones, engage in more creative activities, and contribute to society by giving back to the community.


The CEO also shared how this Zoom AI assistant would mostly begin as a voice assistant before becoming more immersive, like Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3.


For instance, you can precisely create a more confident or outspoken version of yourself for sales conferences.