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Doja Cat Upsets Her Fanbase, Calls Them Dumb

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By Judy Perkins - - 5 Mins Read

The voice of thousands of broken hearts rang out on social media as fans displayed their hurt feelings after the award-winning entertainer criticized her last two albums.

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini whose stage name is Doja Cat is a Prize-winning rapper songwriter and record producer who has been making hits with her amazing music for years, however, things took a different turn when she reportedly blasted her fans and called them dumb for listening to her songs.

The singer tweeted: “Planet Her and Hot Pink were cash-grabs, and y'all fell for it. Now, I can take off somewhere and touch grass with the ones I love on an island while y'all weep for mediocre pop.". Of course, the tweet revelation didn't go down well with the fans and they immediately made their feelings known in the comment section. 

In response to her  tweet, one user replied: "Everyone is mad because you are calling your fans dumb." In response to the post, Doja asked: ".... are they not?". This response fueled more furious backlash at her.

Doja cat tweet calling her fans dumb

Another user remarked: "I'm sorry but it’s so annoying when artists do this like I don’t care," "Their ‘passion project’ sounds like ass and they act like it didn’t even exist a year after it underperforms like c'mon lol.” And now she seems to have doubled down in her dumping on her fans.

One fan slammed, replying to the post: "Your behavior is not doing what you think it’s doing."

While another said: "You're going through something unexplainable. Let me mute you for the safety of my sanity. Cause I’ll always be a fan and I don’t wanna hate you."

"A person you look up to insult your music now you’re embarrassed?" asked a third. And now you're blaming the fans?  I feel so much embarrassed for you. Rich or not, this is uncouth."

While another fan added: "Ooooh you make me so mad."

It just occurs that all this 'controversy' has come ahead of the release of her new album.

Doja had earlier revealed its title on Twitter, she wrote: "It's not called Hellmouth either it's called 'First of All' and yes I'm announcing the album title right now."

Doja's New Stage Name 

The American singer and rapper left her fans both amused and puzzled when she recently announced on Twitter that she has changed her stage name from Doja Cat to "Emcee Flap Chunks the Third". Another surprise after she notified her fans of her decision to retire from making music.

The Hot Pink singer took to Twitter and shared: “It’s Emcee Flapchunks the 3rd, and you’ll address me as such.”

Fans tried to match her energy with funny comments, however, some were not impressed.

One fan replied, “I hope [you] have a bad day 'cause I now have to change all my passwords from dojacathater to emceeflapchunkshater"

Another jokingly inquired, “Please, point me to Emcee Flapchunks the 1st and 2nd.”

Meanwhile, some fans demanded the singer release a new album. dojo's fans are eagerly waiting for her next album called Hellmouth, which will be released in a few days.