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Why Doja Cat is Retiring from Making Pop Music

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By Judy Perkins - - 5 Mins Read

It appears that Doja Cat is planning to alter her music approach by relinquishing her pop star label and concentrating on enhancing her rap skills.

The artist behind the hit song "Woman" announced a change of direction on Twitter last Saturday (April 8). She declared she would no longer be making pop music in her tweet.

She responded to her critics, acknowledging their comments about most of her rap verses being mediocre and unoriginal. "I agree with everyone who said that," she stated. "I am aware that my verses are not my strongest suit. However, I wasn't attempting to prove anything. I simply enjoy creating music. But hearing all of you say that I am incapable of doing so is becoming exhausting. Nevertheless, I will continue to work on my craft."

When asked about the inspiration behind her new direction, and with one fan suggesting that her critics had influenced her decision, the artist acknowledged that she no longer found pop music thrilling and had no desire to continue creating it.

Many people welcomed the proclamation and asserted that Doja was already outshining her competitors. One user replied, "That's not a lie. You rap better than most rappers, regardless of their gender."

Another user recommended, "You're being overly modest. You should confidently express yourself in the rap industry already."

During a recent interview with Variety, Doja Cat discussed her upcoming fourth studio album Hellmouth and disclosed that she is taking a "more masculine approach" in response to the triumph of 2021's Planet Her.

She stated that she had previously focused on pink and delicate themes and pop and sparkling sounds. However, she plans to explore a more masculine approach in her upcoming era.

Doja refrained from revealing a specific release date but disclosed that her upcoming project would blend hip-hop and R&B genres. She stated that she tends to lean towards R&B and plans to delve deeper into that direction when she is by herself.

Despite having incorporated samples from a diverse range of artists such as Kelis, Blink-182, and B2K in the past, Doja revealed to Dazed last year that the legendary Beastie Boys were her primary source of inspiration at the time.

"I've been preoccupied with a certain thought lately, and to give you a glimpse, it's been centered around Beastie Boys. Their music has greatly influenced me, as they seamlessly blend hard-hitting rap with raw '90s punk and smooth, sexy techno. It's a unique combination that always leaves me wondering, 'Where did this come from?"

Recall that sometime last year, Doja Cat reaffirmed her decision to retire from music after apologizing for her remarks.

According to the report, this occurred due to discontentment with the entertainment sector, particularly related to the discussions about a scrapped festival show in Paraguay. Doja and other performers, such as Machine Gun Kelly, were scheduled to showcase their talent at Asunciónico 2022 but eventually had to cancel their performances due to unfavorable weather conditions.

After the event, she announced her intention to quit music on her Twitter page.

She wrote, "I no longer care," adding, "I quit. I eagerly anticipate vanishing and I no longer require your belief in me. Everything is lifeless to me; music is no longer of interest, and I was foolish to think this was my calling. This is a terrible ordeal. Please unfollow me."

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