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The Most Hilarious Reactions to Tesla Cybertruck Launch on X

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
A Tesla steel cybertruck displayed on an exhibition
Tesla's Cybertruck | Shutterstock

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, brought the much-anticipated Cybertruck to life at its launch event, initiating deliveries for the bold, angular vehicle.


First introduced to the world in 2019, the Cybertruck isn't just Tesla's newest creation but an avant-garde into the future of automotive design.


As it rolled onto the stage in Austin, Texas, its stainless-steel frame and armored glass gave off a post-apocalyptic vibe, a theme Musk amusingly acknowledged by dubbing it "Apocalypse technology."

Features and Functionality: Breaking Down the Cybertruck

The live-streamed delivery event offered a glimpse of the Cybertruck's key features. Musk proudly presented its robust capabilities: a towing capacity reaching 11,000 pounds, a payload capacity of 2,500 pounds, and a spacious 6-foot-by-4-foot bed.


Not to miss out on the adrenaline rush, the Cybertruck boasts an impressive 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration in as little as 2.6 seconds, redefining the notion of power and speed in a pickup truck.


During the event, Musk showed the truck's durability, addressing a mishap from its initial reveal where a metal ball thrown at the window resulted in an unintended crack.


This time, as another object was hurled at the glass, it stood firm, validating Musk's assurance of resilience against potential impact damage.

Price Points and Production Challenges

The new entrant to the EV space is not lacking buyers. Elon Musk announced that more than 1 million people have reserved the Cybertruck, with pricing now starting at $49,890.


The reservation fee has been increased to $250, indicating a rise in demand. However, mass production is expected to face hurdles, with Tesla projecting another 12 to 18 months before the Cybertruck becomes cash-flow positive.


Tesla aims to scale up production to 250,000 Cybertrucks annually, but this is not anticipated until 2025.

Social Media Buzz and Reactions

The Cybertruck's launch triggered a wave of reactions on social media, particularly on X (Twitter), where users expressed mixed feelings about the vehicle.


Some reactions were humorous, while others criticized the truck's capabilities. Among the myriad reactions, a prevalent theme emerged—jokes about the Cybertruck's price tag.


Twitter users, showing their comedic prowess, couldn't resist poking fun at the truck's cost, playfully questioning the practicality of owning a vehicle that seemingly requires a hefty bank account.


From lighthearted jabs to exaggerated claims of needing lottery winnings to afford one, the Cybertruck became a target for financial jests, creating a meme-worthy aura around Tesla's latest innovation.


Meanwhile, @lilclearpill injected a dose of sarcasm, stating, "the only thing the cybertruck is good for is running over people."


This dark humor approach, although tongue-in-cheek, shows the stark visual impact of the Cybertruck's formidable design.


Not to be outdone, another X User seized the opportunity to compare the Cybertruck and conventional trucks.



Snide remarks and memes cropped up, highlighting supposed shortcomings or highlighting its unconventional design.


A video showing the Cybertruck navigating a snowy hill and appearing to struggle prompted contrasting opinions.


While some users lauded its rear-wheel steering capability, acknowledging its innovative engineering, others couldn't resist poking fun, suggesting it needed rescuing or implying it was no match for traditional trucks in certain conditions.


Also, one User shared a video showing the Cybertruck's rear-wheel-steering functionality, defending its performance and maneuverability.



The footage went viral, igniting heated discussions among users with differing viewpoints. Some praised its turning capabilities, highlighting its effortless u-turn, while others countered with skepticism, claiming the truck appeared to struggle despite the user's assurances that it was perfectly normal in person.

The Cybertruck's Potential

Despite the buzz and initial reactions, the Cybertruck's long-term success remains uncertain. Analysts see it as a test for Tesla, considering the product's inherent risks and production challenges.


Although full-size trucks typically yield high margins, Tesla might face hurdles in reaping similar rewards due to its design and production complexities.

Final Thoughts

The Cybertruck's launch has created a whirlwind of discussions and debates across social media platforms. While initial reactions vary widely, the vehicle's long-term success and Tesla's ability to navigate production challenges and market demands will determine its impact on the automotive industry.


As the Cybertruck starts its journey into the market, opinions on its design, functionality, and Tesla's future in the truck segment will continue to change. Whether it becomes a game-changer or encounters obstacles, Cybertruck's story has just begun.