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Google's Bard in Messages May Be Able to Read Your Messages

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Google Bard AI displayed on smartphone; Google logo background
Featured | ssi77 / Shutterstock.com

Google's latest AI upgrade for Android, known as Google Bard, has mesmerized users across the globe.

its extraordinary capabilities, concerns about privacy invasion arise due to its analysis of private messages.

Reimagining Messaging with Google Bard

Integrating Google Bard into Messages creates a user-friendly UI similar to ChatGPT.

Moreover, this AI assistant aims to revolutionize messaging experiences, catering to millions of users.

Leveraging its abilities, Bard's role ranges from facilitating communication and sparking creativity to providing information. It promises to be a personalized AI assistant right within your messaging app.

Beyond its user-centric features, Google Bard encompasses comprehending the context, tone, and interests discussed within private messages.

Employing sentiment analysis, it tailors responses according to users' moods and vibes.

Furthermore, Bard examines message history with various contacts, enabling personalized responses based on the individual users they are chatting with.


Screenshot of Bard AI in Messages
Bard in Google Messages lets you draft texts based on its conversational AI technology | 9to5google


The emergence of Google Bard for Messages raises new privacy concerns amidst ongoing debates about app permissions, privacy labels, and tracking transparency.

Considering the recent eavesdropping scandals involving voice AI assistants, Google must reassure users that the AI's capabilities won't compromise privacy or lead to potential privacy nightmares.

Ensuring Privacy in Message Requests

While addressing privacy, it's vital to acknowledge that certain message requests sent to Google Bard may encounter privacy-related issues.

Moreover, these requests are processed in the cloud, potentially visible to anonymized human personnel undergoing training.

Stored for 18 months, this data remains accessible for a few days even if the AI is disabled, although manual deletion is an option.

Since users directly engage with Google via generative AI chatbots like Bard, it is important to highlight that these interactions fall beyond the scope of Google Messages' default end-to-end encryption.

It's crucial to be cautious about sharing sensitive or personal information during conversations with Bard, considering potential future repercussions.

The Advent of Bard in Google Messages

Leaked images and insights from the beta code indicate that Google Bard might soon be integrated into the Google Messages app, introducing several significant upgrades to phone-based conversations.

Thus, from assisting in crafting messages for different purposes to acting as a translator and identifying images, Bard aims to amplify user experiences.

The AI's ability to recommend books and provide recipe suggestions further showcases its potential as an intuitive virtual assistant.

In the quest for accuracy and precision, Bard utilizes location data and previous chat history to generate tailored responses.

Users can provide feedback by endorsing, refuting, copying, forwarding, or favoriting Bard's replies. This constructive feedback fuels the AI's learning process, enabling continuous improvement and personalized interactions.

Google Bard and Codename "Penpal"

Within the beta code for Google Messages, references are made to a codename called "Penpal."

Speculations suggest that Penpal is another name for Bard, allowing users to chat directly with the AI assistant by selecting the "New conversation" option.

It remains important to note that Bard has an age requirement of eighteen years, and conversations within the Messages app are neither end-to-end encrypted nor considered private.

Google retains chat transcripts for eighteen months to enhance Bard's capabilities.

During this period, potential inspection by humans may take place. However, after three years, no data is linked to user accounts.

Not sharing personal or sensitive information when Bard is activated is strongly advised. Nevertheless, users can delete their chat history with Bard, although the process may require up to 72 hours for complete data removal.