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Kanye West Makes Comeback With New Album Alongside Ty Dolla $ign

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Kanye West, hands on chin, rocks a red
Kanye West | Shutterstock

Kanye West, the famous rapper, is back with a big surprise—a new album called "Vultures 1," made with his friend Ty Dolla $ign.



This album holds a distinct significance as it marks Kanye West's inaugural venture without the backing of major music labels such as Universal Music Group or Def Jam.


This development is noteworthy given Kanye's longstanding reputation for his distinctive musical style and penchant for making controversial statements.



Crafting "Vultures 1" proved to be no walk in the park for Kanye.


In 2022, he weathered a storm of criticism for stirring up controversy with his statements.


However, amidst the challenges, he discovered a wellspring of inspiration in Italy alongside Ty Dolla $ign.


The album's inception dates back to 2018, and after navigating through numerous twists and turns, the duo ultimately brought their collaborative effort to fruition.


They released the first song from the album, "Vultures," with Lil Durk and Bump J. This excited fans for the full album.


And on a special day—20 years after Kanye's first album, "The College Dropout"—they released "Vultures 1" for everyone to hear.

Kanye West speaking during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel
Kanye West in a Jimmy Kimmel interview | YouTube


The album has a mix of different songs, each with its own style. Some songs are thoughtful, like "Good (Don't Die)," where Kanye talks about his struggles.


Others are more energetic, like "Hoodrat," which has a wild vibe to it. And cool guest appearances from artists like Freddie Gibbs and Travis Scott make the album even more exciting.


Within the tracks, Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign delve into a myriad of topics. Some tunes provide a window into Kanye's personal journey and the adversities he's confronted, while others address broader societal issues.


Regardless of the subject matter, the songs vividly showcase Kanye's creativity and his knack for producing music that diverges from the mainstream.


A standout gem on the album is "Carnival." This track is particularly noteworthy, exemplifying Kanye's capacity to create vibrant and distinct music.


Featuring Rich The Kid and Playboi Carti, "Carnival" stands out as a genuine crowd-pleaser, adding an extra layer of excitement to the album.


This album is a big deal for Kanye, especially after all his controversies. But it's also a reminder of why people love his music so much. It's not just about the catchy beats or the cool lyrics—it's about how Kanye can make truly unique music.




As fans immerse themselves in the tracks of "Vultures 1," they'll be promptly reminded of the profound impact Kanye has had on the music scene.


The album serves as a testament to his undeniable significance in the industry.


Anticipation will undoubtedly mount as listeners eagerly await Kanye's next move because, with him, unpredictability is the only constant. One thing remains certain—Kanye consistently injects an element of intrigue, ensuring that the musical landscape remains endlessly fascinating.