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Lost Keys? How to Open Hotel Doors With Your Android Phone

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
A hotel guest opening up a room using a door card
Opening a hotel room door with a card | Shutterstock

Google has recently rolled out an innovative feature that enables users to use their phones to unlock doors.

With the updated Google Wallet feature, Android phone users can securely store digital hotel key cards, eliminating the need for physical keys and additional hotel apps.

Reportedly, 9to5Google was among the first websites to notice this new update and published a report about it on June 25th.

Usually, hotel card keys were commonly used to enter hotel rooms, but they often caused issues, as they could be easily misplaced or forgotten when traveling.

To address this, Google has introduced a new feature that allows users to use their phones to access areas of the hotel that require a keycard.


Google Wallet app icon displayed on phone screen

Google Wallet app | mundissima / Shutterstock


According to their official statement on their website, “In Google Wallet, you can safely and securely use your hotel keys to access your Hotels, guestrooms, and key card-protected common areas like gyms, pools, and elevators throughout the duration of your stay.”

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How to Add the Google Wallet Features 

Google provided a step-by-step procedure for integrating the new feature into Android phones.

The user first needs to open the hotel's website, application, or email. They can sign in if necessary and then click on Add to Google Wallet.

Google adds, “You can typically find this button on the reservation confirmation page from the hotel’s website, app, or email. If not found, the hotel may not support this feature. For more details, contact the hotel.”

Upon finding this button, users can now sign into their Google Account, which is associated with their Google Wallet.

They can tap “add” and “view in the wallet,” where they can see their hotel key and reservation details. 

How to Use the Feature 

You must check in and be assigned to a room to activate your hotel key. To check-in, use the hotel’s app, kiosk, or reception desk,” Google says in their help section.

A user first needs to unlock their phone. However, some devices and hotels might allow users to use the digital door unlock feature without having to open their phones.

Once the phone is unlocked, Google instructs that users should hold back their phone near the door handle, and it will be opened. 

Google reiterates that the key will no longer be active once a user checks out of the hotel.

To remove a hotel key from your device, you must visit the Google Wallet app.

Click on the hotel key you want to remove and then tap more. Scroll to the bottom of your screen and tap “remove key,” it will be removed immediately. 

Additional information about the entire development indicates that Google Wallet uses Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology, which is also employed in "tap to pay" cards.

Thanks to Google's new integration, individuals can now use their phones to unlock hotel doors by simply holding them near the handle.

On the other hand, since the iOS 15 update, Apple Wallet has allowed iPhone users to store digital hotel keys.

Google's new feature brings the same integration to Android users, even though it is not yet available everywhere.