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Shakira's 11-year-old son wrote songs to cope with divorce

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Singer Shakira holding a microphone while singing and dancing on stage
Shakira | Shutterstock

After Pique and Shakira announced their divorce in 2022, Shakira took custody of their two sons, Milan and Sasha. However, the now single mother revealed that moving on has not been very easy for her and her sons.

Shakira's divorce seems to have impacted her career. During a recent chat, she shared the challenges of co-parenting her sons with her ex-husband, Pique.

She revealed the difficulties of balancing her roles as a single mother and a singer, acknowledging the struggle of blending these two responsibilities as a pop star.

She said, "I have to first put my kids to bed and then go to the studio to record."

In a recent interview, the umbrella singer explained that her sons are still dealing with the separation and they write songs to cope with the separation.

Both Milan and Sasha are lovers of music, and it makes sense that they cope with their parents' separation by writing songs.

The 47-year-old Hip Don't Lie singer said, "Millan wrote two great songs during the whole process of the separation, he wrote the songs on piano and lyrics, whenever he feels under the weather, he plays the piano and writes."

Shakira elaborated that her sons understand that music is a significant method for healing and self-expression. Due to this, her 11-year-old Millan began composing songs as a way to deal with the divorce.

"That has been his catharsis and therapy, I have the thought that he's gonna be a good producer but he's also obsessed with football," she said.

The singer added that she and her sons share love and connect through music, "We jam together most times,"

"Milan is a cool drummer and Sasha is learning to play guitar, I do the singing, and we Jam at home."

Pique and Shakira tied the knot in 2014, and their journey has had its ups and downs.

Nevertheless, the Grammy winner emphasizes that safeguarding her children remains her top priority in life.

Shakira is scheduled to release her new album "Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran" later in May.

In anticipation of the upcoming album, the pop star shared sultry photos of herself with 31-year-old Parisian actor Lucien Laviscount.

In the photos, the pop star is dressed in a form-fitting, feminine pink outfit and sports pink wavy hair to complete the look.

Some lyrics in the new album mention her ex. When Shakira was asked about the song, she said, "I felt like something was still stuck in my throat, and I needed to get it all out." I hope this will be the last song I write about this to him.


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