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Taylor Swift's New Scotland Show Would Unseat Harry Styles Record

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Taylor Swift performing in a concert
Taylor Swift | A.PAES / Shutterstock

Record-setting artist Taylor Swift is urging her fans to come to her upcoming show at the Edinburgh Murrayfield Stadium on June 7, 8, and 9. She's extremely excited and preparing to surpass Harry Styles' record in Scotland.

Harry Styles currently holds the record for the biggest stadium show in Scotland. The Grammy Award winner performed to over 65,000 fans in 2023 at the same venue Taylor will now use for her next show.

Harry Styles' One Direction band sold 64,000 tickets to perform at the stadium earlier in 2014.

What makes this quite controversial is Harry Styles's status as Taylor's ex-boyfriend.

The duo was in a relationship from 2012 until their breakup in 2023, but they have surprisingly managed to remain friends and colleagues ever since. 

The promoters of AEG present have received permission from Edinburgh council to increase the seating capacity.

The Murrayfield stadium would be expanded by 8.73 percent, and the stadium capacity would increase from 67,130 to 72,900. 

Taylor Swift's Scotland concert is fueled by her love for Scotland. She believes that Scotland is a very special place, and her dad is 100 percent supportive of the show.

"The last time I performed at the place, the crowd was awesome and I connected deeply with them," said the superstar.

"My Dad is loud and proud of Scottish culture, he often tells me that a good number of our family heritage can be traced to Scotland, so it's pretty cool for me to perform there during the tour," she continued.

Taylor Swift Scotland Concert Ticket

Fans are eagerly anticipating the Taylor Swift Scotland Concert, and the pop star has increased the venue's capacity to accommodate more fans, charging up to £660 for attendance.


Taylor Swift holding up a microphone to sing
Taylor Swift | Shutterstock


Taylor Swift's show is still a few months away, but a huge number of fans have pre-registered to purchase tickets for the general sales, which sell out in a few minutes.

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The estimated audience ratio for the Taylor Swift Scotland Concert is 8:2, indicating that 80% of the audience would be female and 20% would be male. All attendees are aged between 15 and 25.

Hotels and Resorts have intentionally increased their rates in anticipation of the event, and almost every hotel around the centers has been booked for the three dates.

With Taylor Swift's Eras Tour resuming in May, her next album, "The Tortured Poet Depart," will be released on April 19th.