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5 Incredible Things OpenAI's GPT-4O Can Do Now

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
GPT-4o displayed on a smartphone screen: dark background
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At the OpenAI Spring Update, Mira Murati, the CTO of OpenAI, introduced their latest AI flagship model, GPT-4o, along with its release date and expected features and capabilities.

The GPT-4o represents a significant advancement in its AI offerings, with improvements spanning text to audio. Its extraordinary capabilities are geared towards creating interactive and iterative rollouts to enhance user experience.

OpenAI has trained GPT-4o to function seamlessly across text, vision, and audio, meaning that a single neural network processes all text and audio inputs and outputs.

This article will delve into some of the distinctive capabilities of the new GPT-4o. Let's dig in!

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  1. Student Tutoring and AI Education 

Following the release of GPT-4o, an important feature of the new version of ChatGPT is its application in AI education.

According to McKay Wrigley, an investor in AI startups, now students can share their screens with AI, enabling it to assist them in problem-solving and teaching when necessary.

In an X post, Wrigley said: “A student shares their iPad screen with the new ChatGPT + GPT-4o, and the AI speaks with them and helps them learn in *realtime*. Imagine giving this to every student in the world.”

Khan Academy presented the demo in the video, involving students sharing their screens with ChatGPT using GPT-4o.

Apparently, the students shared their problem with the AI while it provided a step-by-step process to resolve it.

Furthermore, students can share their notebooks with the AI using their camera, and it would understand their problems.

  1. Improved Voice Support 

The Openai ChatGPT 4o has an advanced version of voice support and is no longer limited to text and images.

The AI can now understand and respond to voice commands, making it possible for users to interact with ChatGPT using their voice. This means users can communicate their issues verbally, and ChatGPT will respond in kind.

With its recent upgrades, GPT-4o can now process and respond to voice commands instantly. Its improved speed allows for more natural conversations, and it's now able to grasp nuances such as tone, mood, and pace.

The new audio capabilities of GPT-4o are fascinating to witness. For instance, it can now laugh, make sarcastic comments, and seamlessly handle interruptions without disrupting the conversation. Additionally, it can translate languages and even engage in duets with itself.


  1. Real-Time Translation 

Remember we mentioned GPT-4o having enhanced audio communication tools? Well, it is so developed that it can also serve as a translation tool, with the capability of translating multiple languages in real-time.

During the spring update event, Mira Murati, OpenAI's CTO, showcased the impressive translation capabilities of the GPT-4o.

He demonstrated its proficiency in translating between Italian and English, highlighting its remarkable potential.

This feature not only offers significant utility to users but also presents a considerable challenge to existing translation tools like Google Translate and Duolingo.

Interestingly, the impact was evident as Duolingo's stock experienced a sharp decline of over 3.5%, resulting in a loss of more than $250 million in market value within minutes of OpenAI's presentation highlighting the exceptional translation abilities of the GPT-4o.


  1. Improved Customer Service 

GPT-4o from OpenAI isn't just a powerful tool for various tasks, it's also capable of assisting with customer service.

We've already highlighted the significant improvements in ChatGPT's audio capabilities, which can be leveraged to create exceptional customer service systems.

One of the areas where this is particularly valuable is in the development of chatbots. Integrating GPT-4o can enhance audio communication with customers to address their concerns.

In this scenario, two ChatGPT AI agents can collaborate effectively to provide solutions to user and customer challenges.

Joe Beutler, who's affiliated with OpenAI, spoke about this incredible capability.

He posted: “This was a fun one! Take a look at 2 AI agents resolving a customer service claim with #OpenAI new #GPT4o. Working with customers to build transformational solutions always gets me fired up. The potential solutions we can build with this new SOTA model have my head spinning!”

  1. Extreme Speed 

GPT-4 has made remarkable strides in its speed. The much-touted GPT-4 was expected to outperform its predecessor, GPT-3.5, in terms of efficiency and speed.

It received significant upgrades, including the GPT-4 Turbo, in recent months to boost its speed. However, when compared to GPT-4o, they all seem slow. GPT-4o responds almost instantly, making communication seamless.

When texting with it, the responses are quick and practical, giving the impression of interacting with a person rather than a bot.

Additionally, the real-time audio communication has greatly improved. GPT-4o is so impressive that it was announced on X that users can even enjoy playing games like Rock, Paper, and Scissors, with ChatGPT acting as the perfect referee.


OpenAI announced at the Spring Update event that their new leading AI product, GPT-4o, will soon hit the market. It is said to be equipped with enhanced text, image, and audio capabilities. Anticipate a significantly faster performance, the ability to act as an AI-based educational assistant, handle customer service tasks, and even provide real-time translations.