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New UK Law to Strip Pedophiles of Parental Rights

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
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The UK Government has proposed a new law that restricts convicted pedophile access to their children, the purpose of the new law is to protect the children of the sex offenders from their parents.

The proposed parental alienation laws in the UK were brought to light after a mother reported a case to the BBC.

The mother, whose daughter's name is said to be Bethany, had paid a legal fee of £30,000 in desperate need to protect her child from her pedophile ex-husband.

"The parental rights in the UK guide the father's right over the child but does not guide the child which is wrong because the child's right protection should be the utmost priority," she had argued.

Even while the pedophile father was grounded in prison, he still exercised rights over his daughter well, such as education, health, and location, which caused an argument when the mother planned a travel vacation for their daughter.

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Harman, the Lord Chancellor in charge of matters related to prison, court probation, and constitutional affairs, has agreed to the law amendment.

In a statement, the Chancellor noted incoming legislative changes concerning the parental rights of pedophiles.

"The current parental rights in the UK seem odd to protect other people's children from the critical sex offenders but fails to protect the pedophile's children," he said.

"I knew there can be an opening for a change because the legislature is going through the parliament, it's a great opportunity to table the clause," he added.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice highlighted the need to limit the parental responsibility of parents guilty of pedophile-related activities.

“To further enhance these protections the Government will change the law to automatically suspend the parental responsibility of those found guilty of raping a child,” quipped the spokesperson.

Bethan's mother also advocated for other mothers who might be in such a situation.

"In the middle of the ongoing living crisis, parents struggle and go the extra mile to feed and train their child, they can not afford to go to court, and being charged to pay for trying to protect their child."

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The approval of pedophile-limiting parental rights in the UK will mean that parents would not have to pay a fortune in legal fees to protect their children.

The children will be automatically protected right after a parent is legally convicted in court as a criminal.

The convicted parent will only be granted access to the child if he can convince the family court that it is in the best interest of his child, which is very unlikely in cases of child rapists.

According to Bethan's mother, she was absent on the day of her husband's court trial and was unaware of all that was done until she paid to gain access to the hearing.

After several court trials, Bethan's father is now restricted from all forms of contact with his daughter until she clocks the age of 18 or above.