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Mass Tesla layoffs affects employee who sleeps in car to work

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Photo of Tesla logo displayed on office building
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Tesla has decided to lay off a minimum of 10% of its workforce. However, the story that has been gaining attention recently is that of Nico Murillo, a Tesla employee who was reportedly terminated despite having to sleep in his car to work additional hours for the company.

In typical Tesla fashion, the layoff process lacked clarity and organization. Once again, highlighting how the company manages its workforce.

This isn't the first time Tesla has laid off workers, raising concerns about the company's stability and treatment of its employees.

Nico Murillo, just like many other Tesla employees who were surprised by the layoffs, was barely informed of any changes.

According to his LinkedIn post, when he saw his deactivated account, he didn't fret, thinking it was just another IT problem.

Tesla's layoffs at the Freemont facility were poorly communicated. Affected employees found out about their job loss when their work accounts were deactivated and their security badges were taken away.

When Nico messaged his manager about the confusion, he was met with a crazier reality.

“Everyone got it, we’ll get more info later,” his manager wrote back.

The Human Toll of Business Decisions

Nico Murillo's experience highlights the tangible effects of corporate choices.

Although he worked tirelessly and was devoted to the company, Tesla did not reciprocate the loyalty when it came to laying off employees.

Nico, who had to commute to his office for 90 minutes, devised a new way to maximize his time for Tesla—he actually started sleeping in his car.


Tesla Gigafactory 2 on South Park Avenue in Buffalo, NY, USA
Tesla Gigafactory South Park Avenue NY | JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock


That's not all, Nico took his showers at the factory and had to microwave his dinners on days he wasn't working.


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After 5 years with Tesla, Nico's progress from a beginner employee to a supervisor is proof of his dedication, but Tesla's decision to terminate him without considering his efforts raises concerns about the company's principles.

More so, his experience highlights how loyalty isn't always rewarded in the corporate industry.

How Tesla Handles Layoffs

Tesla's recent layoffs also affected the automobile maker's supercharger team, with over 500 of them losing their positions.

In California, over 3,300 workers lost their positions, and its Burbank facility lost about 64 of its workers from this number.

Tesla's headquarters in Austin, Texas, was not also left out of the massive job cuts, with about 2,700 workers fired.

Similarly, other Tesla teams, such as the public policy and communications teams, were disbanded years ago.

Tesla's mass dismissals stem from the frustrations of declining sales and overwhelming, stronger competition in the electric car market.

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, expressed his desire for the electric car company to adopt an "absolutely hardcore" approach to layoffs. This decision reflects the severity of recent staff reductions, such as those experienced by Nico Murillo.

In the corporate world, employees are often seen as expendable. Tesla's recent layoffs highlight the need for companies to improve how they manage their workforce to gain the trust of employees and stakeholders.

Advocating for Fair Labor Practices

Tesla's layoffs should spark discussions about fair labor practices and workers' rights.

As the labor movement grows, companies like Tesla face more scrutiny over how they treat their employees. Embracing fair labor practices isn't just ethical; it's important for a business's long-term sustainability.